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Christiane Sanderson
Counselling in Wandsworth / Putney Borders
Expert  in  Child Sexual Abuse,  Domestic Abuse  and Trauma

Training, Consultancy & Conferences
21st January 2022 
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Training, Consultancy & Conferences

Training, Consultancy & Conferences

Christiane writes and delivers training on Child Sexual Abuse, Child protection, Rape, and Domestic Abuse to both the voluntary and statutory sector. She is able to provide training to a broad range of professionals ranging from counsellors and psychotherapist in training, to experienced mental health professionals such as psychotherapist supervisors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, health professionals and teachers.

Over the last 10 years Christiane has designed, written and delivered courses on Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Abuse for undergraduates through the University of London, Birkbeck College and Roehampton University. She has also delivered training to counselling and psychotherapy training institutes and organisations such as the NSPCC, The Minster Centre, One in Four and Family Matters, the UK’s largest specialist counselling and helpline service for children and adult survivors of sexual abuse and rape.

“My experience of Christiane Sanderson is that she is a professional, masterful trainer, practitioner and academic in her field. Her courses are well thought out and provide an excellent foundation for our team of Qualified professional and volunteer helpliners and counsellors. Christiane draws on her own research and practice to enable our team to benefit from her wealth of knowledge in this field. I have no doubt whatsoever that our clientele have benefited tremendously from our involvement with Christiane Sanderson”.

Mary Trevillion, Clinical Director, Family Matters To view Family Matters activities in detail click here

Christiane has been the Training Consultant to Family Matters since 2004 delivering seminars on Effective Practice in Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Training and a range of Continuing Professional Development Workshops on Child Sexual Abuse, Child Protection, Personality Disorders, Working with Borderline Personality Disorder, Boundaries, Attachment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Paedophilia, Deception, Rape, Domestic Violence, Addiction and Trauma.

Professional Training and Conference Highlights

In September 2011 Christiane presented a two day seminar at Help University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2011 Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Training delivered to University Staff, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Police Officers, Social Workers, Counsellors, NGO’s

July 2011 Christiane delivered the Keynote speech to SNAP (Survivors of those Abused by Priests) Annual; Conference in Washington DC

At the beginning of 2011 Christiane was appointed consultant to the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service Training for clergy in understanding impact and long term effects, and working with survivors of religious sexual abuse.

In 2010 and ongoing - Concord Prison Trust, HMP Bronzefield delivering training in Counselling Skills Course for Prisoners Supervision of prisoners using Counselling Skills, Partners, Family and Prisoner pre-release course

2009-2011 NSPCC Independent Counsellor for participants in child abuse prevalence study Radford, L, Corral, S, Bradley, C, Fisher, H, Bassett, C, Howat, N and Collishaw, S (2011) Child Abuse and Neglect in the UK Today London, NSPCC and qualitative research study Who Do You Turn To? (in press). The Independent Counsellor supported both participants and staff involved in the research study by providing short and longer term psychological support. Also provided consultancy to staff on managing the impact of interviewing participants.

Christiane has acted as a consultant to Roehampton University, School of Human and Life Sciences.

Between 2004-6 she completed a two and half year contract for the Metropolitan Police Service, Specialist Crime Directorate, Child Abuse Investigation Command, including officers from the Paedophile Unit, to assess the impact of such work on officers and staff.

There is considerable research evidence that professionals working with victims and survivors of interpersonal trauma, child sexual abuse, rape and domestic abuse are impacted by such work and may experience vicarious traumatisation, develop Secondary Traumatic Stress.
To visit their site click here

"Chrissie was a delight to work with as lead professional counselling and supporting over 600 detectives and police support staff investigating child abuse across London's 32 boroughs. Her professional, knowledgeable and supportive approach to me and my Senior Management Team helped us to reduce sickness, retain staff and demonstrate to our teams how we valued and supported them in the workplace"

Peter Spindler, Commander, Special Crime Directorate, Metropolitan Police Service

Christiane can write and deliver consultancy to organisations to minimise the impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress on both staff and the organisation to ensure that they are able to extend their duty of care to their clients in a safe, secure and effective way.

Christiane can also offer consultancy on specific clinical cases and provide expertise in understanding the impact of child sexual abuse, multiple abuse, domestic abuse, rape and complex trauma. For further information contact her via the contact details elsewhere on this site.

Christiane is also able to provide expertise and act as academic advisor on research projects in the area of child sexual abuse and interpersonal violence, and how to minimise harm in research.

To discuss your consultancy requirements, or book Christiane as a speaker please call 07786 936383 or email [email protected]