2016 Workshops/Events

Christiane Sanderson Counselling in Fulham
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2016 Workshops/Events
10th April 2020 
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2016 Workshops/Events
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Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
A one-day seminar with Christiane Sanderson

London, 19 March 2016 (Saturday)

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Ambassadors Bloomsbury, 12 Upper Woburn Place, WC1H 0HX

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Current research indicates that only 1 in 8 survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) report their abusive experiences, often years later. For practitioners, providing effective therapy becomes challenging when both survivors and therapists are not able to recognise the linkages between a range of mental and physical health issues and a history of CSA. Such linkages may be manifest in emotional dysregulation, addictions, self-harm and suicidal ideation, anxiety disorders, sexual health and relational difficulties, personality disorders as well as persistent somatic complaints, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The danger of not being able to identity the relationship between CSA and presenting symptoms is that CSA remains undetected which can lead to misinterpretation and pervasive mental and physical health problems. It is critical that practitioners in a wide range of mental and physical health settings have a good understanding of the impact and long term effects of CSA and how this manifests in a range of clinical settings so that they are able to respond appropriately.

This seminar, which would be especially relevant for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists, aims to enhance our comprehension of CSA, its impact and long term effects on survivors, while explaining how, as practitioners, we can work effectively using the principles of safe trauma therapy, psychoeducation and stabilisation to restore control and to allow for the processing of the CSA narrative.

Using illustrative case examples, the seminar will present a range of skills that facilitate right brain engagement, while emphasising the importance of the therapeutic relationship to build shame resilience and facilitate post traumatic growth. The seminar will also examine the impact of working with survivors on practitioners and explain how we can minimise vicarious traumatisation and secondary traumatic stress through counsellor self-care. In identifying a range of therapeutic skills and the challenges of working with survivors of CSA, practitioners will feel more equipped when working with survivors and appreciate the transformative effects of post traumatic growth for both client and practitioner. Specifically, we will consider:
•The nature and dynamics of CSA such as: the grooming process, secrecy and the distortion of reality

•CSA as Trauma and its neurobiological impact
•The psychological impact and long term effects of CSA
•The intergenerational transmission of CSA
•The role of shame and self-blame
•The principles of safe trauma therapy, psychoeducation and stabilisation
•The importance of the therapeutic relationship and right brain based therapeutic skills
•Challenges and impact of working with CSA on practitioners
•Post traumatic growth

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