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Christiane Sanderson
Counselling in Wandsworth / Putney Borders
Expert  in  Child Sexual Abuse,  Domestic Abuse  and Trauma

Articles & Media Broadcasting
14th August 2022 
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Articles & Media Broadcast Highlights

Christiane is featured on a range of broadcasts on sexual violence, child sexual abuse and child protection issues, domestic violence and complex trauma.
She has appeared on BBC Radio 4 The Today programme, The World Tonight,All in The Mind, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland, Radio Europe and BFM Radio Kuala Lumpur. Christiane TV interviews include BBC1 Newsnight; BBC 1 The One Show; BBC Arab News; BBC News Channel; and Sky News

An Optimus Education article

The role of deception in child sexual abuse

Christiane Sanderson examines how abusers groom not only their victims but the adults around them to hide their true intentions and explains how safeguarding professionals can learn to spot the signs of deception

To read the full article click here

On Wednesday 8th May BBC Radio Scotland Good Morning Scotland programme reviewed the case of the three Cleveland Ohio women held captive for over ten years with Christiane.

In March of this year Christiane was interviewed for ITV News at 6 pm on the impact the tragic suicide of Frances Andrade has had on survivors coming forward and going to court.

October 15th 2012 Please click here to hear Christiane's interview on BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme

October 9th 2012 Radio 4 The World Tonight The discussion group takes place twenty minutes into the programme. To listen to the discussion click here and use the slide to position the broadcast twenty minutes into the programme at around 10.20 pm.

September 2011 Interview with BFM Radio Kuala Lumpur - Managing Trauma and Sexual Acuse. To listen to the interview click here

July 2011 Cable TV interview for New York Cable TV Station on Religious sexual abuse of children

Women and Rape - an interview with Ingrid Marsh on Generation Radio, London in April 2010. To listen to this interview click here

In October 2009 Newsnight broadcast talks about women paedophiles, how common they are and what drives them.

To listen to the interview with Emily Maitlis click here

Christiane has been interviewed on the impact of long term incarceration and abuse has been used in the cases of Natascha Kampusch and Elisabeth Fritzl, held captive for eight and 24 years respectively.

Christiane's work with the Metropolitan Police Service, Specialist Crime Directorate, Child Abuse Investigation Command and Paedophile Unit, is illustrated in the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘All in the Mind’

To listen to the programme click here

And click here for other interviews with Christiane on child sexual abuse ...'