Personal Consultations

Christiane Sanderson
Counselling in Wandsworth / Putney Borders
Expert  in  Child Sexual Abuse,  Domestic Abuse  and Trauma

Personal Consultations
14th August 2022 
Personal Consultations
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Personal Consultations

I provide face to face, one-to-one consultations in Wandsworth South West London (close to Barnes, Chelsea, Clapham, Hammersmith, Kensington, Putney, Fulham, and Wimbledon).

I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting in which to explore a range of personal concerns and feelings. These may include unresolved childhood experiences, such as childhood sexual abuse or trauma, relationship difficulties or wanting to make life style changes.

Over many years I have come to recognise and value the human need for connection to self and others. Many individuals who feel lost, uncertain, or struggle to find meaning in life often also feel disconnected from themselves and others. As they lose contact with themselves, their needs, beliefs and values they begin to lose trust in their ability to form meaningful relationships and attain their personal goals.

In my experience many individuals are able to restore connection to self and others through a safe therapeutic relationship in which they can begin to find renewed trust in themselves and others, allowing them to make informed decisions and life choices and begin to live life in a way that is more satisfying and meaningful.

The need for connection is supported by the desire for communication, and this a is a central feature of all my work, whether this is through lecturing, training, working with clients or writing My philosophy is that effective communication is critical to establishing, building and maintaining connection. It is through communication that individuals can develop a deeper understanding of self and others and the dynamics of relationships.

Whatever difficulties you may face, I can provide a sensitive, warm and supportive environment in which to explore past experiences and how these impact on the present. I believe that it is through a secure therapeutic relationship that an individual can gain insight and a deeper understanding of their feelings and concerns.

This allows for reconnection to self, feelings, beliefs and values. Through connection the individual can begin to reengage in life in a more deep and meaningful way, move forward and reach their full potential.

I offer assessments to ensure the right kind approach to suit the unique needs of each individual as well as short term crisis intervention, depending on what you hope to achieve and enable individuals to make informed decisions and choices that are right for them and that will enable them to live more satisfying and enriched lives
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